Hand Operated Eco-Model Milking Machine



variants available


Suitable for 3-4 cows

Economical and affordable

Efficient and reliable for fast & hygienic milking

Indigenous design with international quality

Sturdy and compact

Trolley mounted design for easy mobility


Easy maintenance

Perceived lower stress environment

Increases milk yielding capacity for cows

No need of labors


Milking capacity              :  2-4 cows/hour

Pressure build stroke    :  55 strokes to build 250mm/Hg

Overall dimension          :  660 x 300 x 430 mm (LxWxH)

Machine weight               :  12kg (dry weight)

Milking can                        :  20 liters, 304 SS(ISO 9001)

Piston pump                     :  positive displacement type

Milking claw capacity   :  200 cc

Pulsator                              :  60:40 types (innovative)

Milk hose type                  :  silicone food grade, non- toxic & transparent

Milking hose size             :  1x1500mm (12mmx18mm)

Pulse hose                          :  2x1500mm(8mmx12mm)

Teat liner                             :  silicon taper type (1600x23)mm

Teat cup                               :  circular taper type (plastic)

Seating table                     :  comfortable shape (22x15cm taper type)

Hand Operated Deluxe - Model Milking Machine

Dairymate is offering a wide range of Hand Operated Milking Machine. These Hand Operated Milking Machine are used to harvest milk from cows when manual milking becomes inefficient or labor-intensive. Besides, these products are manufactured using best quality components.

Dairymate is engaged in manufacturing the world’s cheapest hand operated milking machine for domestic users, small dairy farmers, and for power starving territories. Dairy mate Hand operated single piston Eco Milking machine is operated by everyone, it can be easily operated by any body, it can be without difficulty operated by elderly humans, and dairy mate Hand operated single piston Eco Milking machine can be transferred without problems from one location to another location due to compact design, lightweight and its simplicity. we use food graded silicon material for milk transfer from cow to milk can, high quality stainless steel is used for storage of milk in 20lts can. we have used highest standard of steel to build the complete machine under very strict quality policy.



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